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Check In Systems Inc has been serving businesses since 2005. Our original name was Medical Check In Systems, Inc. Our core business was the medical industry such as clinics, hospitals, labs and physicians. We have a lot of thanks for the medical businesses that believed in our products that gave us the foundation to grow.

When we realized our software applied to so many other industries, we shortened the name to ‘Check In Systems Inc’. As you can see, our systems have spread to many other industries worldwide.

We now serve medical facilities, educational institutions, retail stores, banks and credit unions, corporate offices, military and government offices at all levels.


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Check In Systems Inc. does not sell, distribute or trade personal information of any type.

Check In Systems Inc does not have access to any data within your Mobile Check In app. If you use Mobile Check In to connect to a public check in system, you are sending personal data to the business of your choice.

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