My Mobile Check In



My Mobile Check In is an app that stores a users profile and sends it to a server or web link. The profile stores basic information such as fname, lname, dob. When the location is picked the screen moves to the profile. When the profile is picked the data is sent in JSON format using a POST to the link listed in the location. The server or web link can do what it wants with the data.


Locations include a server link, the GPS coordinates and the name of the location to be listed. GPS coordinates are used to track if the user is within 1/4 mile of the location. When open, the app refreshes GPS every 5 seconds and updates the list of available locations to check in. If available for check in, the location is has a white background and a check mark. If the location is not quite in reach there will be a gray background and a X for the icon.

Register a Location

You can register a location with My Mobile Check In by filling out the form. The information will need to be verified before it is published.

General Points

  • Mobile Check In server does not store customer information
  • User must be within .25 mile of location to initiate check in
  • All data is transmitted between customer and your server
  • All data is transmitted via SSL/TLS
  • Profile information is stored within the Mobile Check In app
  • Profile information is not available to other apps
  • Any API or script may be used on your server
  • Mobile Check In uses JSON format to POST initial profile information

Add your location to Mobile Check In


We welcome developers to incorporate applications with My Mobile Check In. It is a simple way to add mobile abilities to existing applications. Once you create a webform, My mobile Check In can send json data to fill the form and present it to your customers. Each location has GPS coordinates to restrict connection to 400 yards or 1/4 mile. If you have questiosn, give us a call.

Registering your location

If you would like to register your application and/or location to be compatible with the My Mobile Check In app, contact us at

Check In Systems Inc

Sample PHP Script

This script is just a very simple script to accept the data and add to a database.
Create a .php file and register your location url to accept entries from Mobile Check In. No claims are made as to the security of this code in any scenario


//get post data
$input = @file_get_contents("php://input");
$data json_decode($input,true);

//connect to db
$mysqli = new mysqli($db_host$db_user$db_password$db_name);
if ( 
mysqli_connect_errno() ) {die();}

$stmt $mysqli->prepare("INSERT INTO table1 (fname,lname,email) VALUES (?,?,?)");

<h1>Thank You!</h1>